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5 weeks in the hospital

I want to share a personal story today. My mother was in the hospital for the last 5 weeks. She was in the ICU and went through many things including 2 cardiac arrests, 72 hours on full life support and a severe lung infection. There were times when we (and the doctors) lost hope. When […]

Why dads matter?

It takes more than an egg and a sperm to build a human being. Today is father’s day and I want to talk about what dad’s do and how do we shape our children. As a young child: Dads can show how to break the consistency of the child care.


Being a father

Babies act as boot camp…Even though I’d heard a million times that “being a parent changes you!”, I’d never put it in the context of it changing behaviors the same way that other boot camp-style processes do. Update: Today is my second fathers day. Being a parent means that you get to experience childhood all […]


Merry Christmas

I am celebrating Christmas holidays vacationing with my wife and kid in Sedona. The weather has a slight chill to it but the views are beautiful and the resort is amazing. People who know me knows that I do not believe in any religion. However, I still enjoy many of the traditions that come with […]


Naxalim – India’s invisible civil war

From Tehelka, via Harmanjit.  Naxalism is one of India’s biggest problem. It does not get enough attention in media because its not impacting the middle-class directly yet. But, as the article shows, it has started to spill into urban areas. According to Judith Vidal-Hall (2006), ” Naxal guerrillas control an estimated one fifth of India’s […]


I am thirty-five today. I thought I would share some of wishes that are going through my mind when I blow the candles tonight: I wish I turn out to be a great father. I wish me and my wife always live happily together and in comfort. I wish India finds its rightful place on […]


How Twitter + iOS 5 Will Change Mobile Apps

After email, SMS and iOS messaging, Twitter will now become a key social layer over the top of many of the apps on iOS devices. The features that app developers will have access to closely resemble what other platforms make possible with Facebook integration, and Twitter’s being the one to land this deal is a […]