Food I enjoy eating

I typically enjoy eating (And usually as a result eat more than my fair share !!). I love almost all kinds of food and is ever ready to experiment with a new cuisine or menu. I will eat two helpings of almost anything before deciding whether I like it or not !! I love going out with friends for eating (or talking over eating) and this is my favorite pastime.

However, I am mostly vegetarian in my eating habits and plan to keep myself this way inspite of occasional yearnings that I have for non-vegetarian food. I call myself a "pragmatic vegetarian", which means that whenever I can, I eat no meat at all, but I have no problem with meat when traveling, eating out or as a guest.

Besides Rajma-Chawal (a North-Indian dish very popular in Indian homes), which I never get tired of eating, I like hot, Indian (esp. Punjabi), spicy food and it stays my first preference anywhere. I also do well on Mexican and Chinese (Szechwan, Hunan and Mandarin - I do not consider Cantonese as Chinese !!) .

I also dig salads, shakes, ice-creams, soups and juices. I love to have them all day (and night) while I am working as a quick bite (or sip) between regular foods. Unlike most hackers, I do not enjoy coffee too much. Okay, I have my share of it but I prefer juices or salads any day.

Of course, like most single-living hackers, I have to make do on Pizzas and Burgers many times in week. Now, when I think about it I actually like Domino's Pizzas and McDonald's Burgers.


It is difficult to remember everybody who has ever accompanied me for a good chat session over food. But I am grateful to all such people. In particular, I thank my school friend Naveen Sehgal for many a lengthy sessions we had in coffee-houses, ice-cream parlors, McDonald joints and almost every food place in 2km radius of his house and mine. I also thank Rajul Garg, my partner, for accompanying me to a restaurant even when he was not hungry (and actually trying to lose weight !!) He is one guy who has never said no to my invitiations to nearest joint for a quick snack or to for a half-hour drive to a new restaurant I have just heard of.
I actually want to write more but just talking about food makes me hungry. So, I guess I will leave it for some other time  :)