This is the email I sent out about an hour ago to my company employees:

i am writing to let you know that i will be leaving hCentive at the end of this month.

there is never a perfect time for such a move but it feels like now is the  time.

this is a time of important transformation for hCentive. the company has grown from a three-person operation to an important player in the government health insurance exchange space. we needed and have been working on  a new kind of team to take us further in our journey.  i believe that we now have the key players of this new team in place and somebody like me can better help hCentive from outside than inside.

I have really enjoyed my time here. thanks for giving me the chance to always say what’s on my mind. its a rare place that allows everyone to do that and our results speak to the values of risk taking, openness and transparency.