It takes more than an egg and a sperm to build a human being. Today is father’s day and  I want to talk about what dad’s do and how do we shape our children.

As a young child: Dads can show how to break the consistency of the child care. Many moms either stay all day with their kids or even when they work; their maternal instinct wants to keep the child “safe”.  Fathers, often,  breaks the flow. They bring some excitement and adventure and fun in a young child’s life. Children look forward to this fun. There is some evidence that these early memories can encode sense of adult adventure and well-being. Even WSJ recommends to  play rough with your kids .

For daughters: Dads sets the first and perhaps foundational experience for a young girl of how men love. A dad who always loves his daughter sets the precedent that love is not conditional and allows her to choose a similar partner. Girls, when they grow up, often yearn for same kind of love that they saw from their dads.

For sons: Dads sets the foundational example for  young men on how to handle their masculinity as it emerges in their teenage years. A strong and caring dad can show how to handle the feelings of independence and aggression that every young male feels  and how to channel them constructively into competence, commandership and class (the three pillars of being a real man)

So, here is to our dads and our sons. And to the entire male gender.

Happy Father’s Day.

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