Tarun Upaday's Virtual Home

"Work like you do not need the money,
Love like you have never been hurt,
Dance like nobody is watching" 

- attributed to Bono of U2

Where can you find me? -  My Whereabouts - Ways to find me on this unwieldy cyber world and out of it...

What am I coding these days? - My Projects  - People keep asking about what do I do on computer. So,  here goes. I just read this article by Bill Joy where he said that the evil robots are going to take over the world. So, these days I am designing a software to encode my consciousness into a virus and then when that inevitable robot action goes down, somebody just needs to send an I LOVE YOU mail to one of those robots...

What do I do when I am not coding? - My hobbies, my interests - In case you want to know me personally, this is the first page you should read!

What kind of person I am? - My FAQ - And this the second !!

What do I think? In case you still haven't had enough of me, go ahead and read My Predictions (yeah, I consider myself an evangelist!!) and My Thoughts.

What kind of food I like? - My "Foods" - Okay, most people do not put this on their home pages as a separate section but then I call myself a connoisseur. Okay, I might not be an expert connoisseur but I like sampling everything. As a result, I tend to eat out a fair bit (not just at restaurants, also at friends' homes).

What company I work for? - My Company - A word from my sponsors. :-) and I am not looking for a job but for the record you can checkout my linkedin.

What religion I believe in? - My religion - This details why I call myself an Atheist and why I am not!

What do I surf? - My Links - This is a list of sites I can recommend to anybody.

What can you send me as a gift? - My Wish List for gifts - In case, you are feeling particularly coochey-coochey and would like to send me a gift  :-), please remember I love books !!

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