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5 weeks in the hospital

I want to share a personal story today. My mother was in the hospital for the last 5 weeks. She was in the ICU and went through many things including 2 cardiac arrests, 72 hours on full life support and a severe lung infection. There were times when we (and the doctors) lost hope. When […]

Why dads matter?

It takes more than an egg and a sperm to build a human being. Today is father’s day and I want to talk about what dad’s do and how do we shape our children. As a young child: Dads can show how to break the consistency of the child care.


Being a father

Babies act as boot camp…Even though I’d heard a million times that “being a parent changes you!”, I’d never put it in the context of it changing behaviors the same way that other boot camp-style processes do. Update: Today is my second fathers day. Being a parent means that you get to experience childhood all […]


Merry Christmas

I am celebrating Christmas holidays vacationing with my wife and kid in Sedona. The weather has a slight chill to it but the views are beautiful and the resort is amazing. People who know me knows that I do not believe in any religion. However, I still enjoy many of the traditions that come with […]


Naxalim – India’s invisible civil war

From Tehelka, via Harmanjit.  Naxalism is one of India’s biggest problem. It does not get enough attention in media because its not impacting the middle-class directly yet. But, as the article shows, it has started to spill into urban areas. According to Judith Vidal-Hall (2006), ” Naxal guerrillas control an estimated one fifth of India’s […]